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October 28, 2007


Natasha Burns

Oh Jenn how sweet! I love the Thomas stuff, Leroy would have loved it too! Your kids are so adorable!
Spring is coming into Summer here, I got to wear a strappy dress and sandals yesterday (woohoo!).
wow how gorgeous are those cake toppers! And your sweet Silver Bella decoration.... can't wait to see the other side!
That little girl planter is the cutest thing ever!!!!
You always have spectacular things!!!


What adorable photos of the children. And i love your planter and the little ornament you made. Those cupcake toppers are GREAT!!!


What a lovely post - your children are wonderful, and my daughter was watching as I was scrolling through the pictures, she wants to go and see Thomas as well LOL!!

And what delightful finds!! The little planter is just too gorgeous for words! Lucky you!

Beth Leintz

What a sweet family- and I love the picture of Grant and his friend arm in arm- in a few years I suppose they'll be too "macho" to do that- but they are just darling now. Great pink eye candy too!

Cheryl Dack

Grant and Vivi are just the SWEETEST and you're darling, as usual, Miss Jenn! And such delicious new finds! And don't even get me started on the SB sneakie peekie!!!! OMG...I'm so jealous of all you Bellas but I know you'll have a GRAND time and come home and tell us all about it. With lots of pics, of course! ;)

Jenn and Jacqui

Hi Jenn, what an absolutly fabulous day you all had! The kids looked like they had soo much fun :) Lovely happy family snaps for your album! Loving those sweet pink cake toppers. The weather here in Melbourne is mild and balmy spring breezes are beautiful! Happy Halloween!!! Jenn and Jacqui xo


What a great photographs! You sure had a really nice day! The children look so cute and happy! And that train is cute aswell! I wish you a very nice autumn time! xxx Les


that looks like such a fun day...poor Vivi, she looks like she has definately had enough...your children are just adorable! i love your little SB sneaky, pink and glittery...my two favs!!! and that planter is SO cute, what a steal! the cuppie toppers are very cute too!


What fun that looks like, I am sure he had a most wonderful day!


Your family pictures are adorable and I love all you wonderful finds.


Everyone is so adorable even when they are not so happy! We took my nephews to Thomas a few years ago. It is such a hoot!

Cece Marie

Hello, I just recently discovered your work and blog via Cheryl from Rosey Little Things. I thought it about time I stop being a lurker and tell you how adorable you are! You just truly are such a girlie girl! Your home is amazing! What a darling family you have! And I love your creations and I look forward to visiting you again soon! I love your retro girl, lady like, but with a dash of pin up girl, look!
Best wishes! Cece

Alison Gibbs

Hi Jenn, What a lovely photo of you with Grant and Vivi. Looks like everyone, except maybe the train trip was toooo... long for little Vivi.What fabulous finds, the girl planter is so pretty and the cake toppers - how much fun they will be to create with.Can't wait to see the other side of your Silver Bella Creation.


oooh!!! it looks like you had so much fun sweetie!! How cool!! Love ALL the pics!! I knew Grant would have fun seeing Thomas :-)
I adore the planter and cupcake toppers! Very sweet!! xo Britt :-D

Kathy ~ Shabby Roses Boutique

Hi Jenn,
Wow, Grant must have been in heaven seeing Thomas!! I know my son would have been! He is nearly 8 and still LOVES Thomas and has a huge collection of wooden trains/tracks etc.
And I just LOVE that sweet little girl planter, it is beautiful! That is something that I would snap up too if I found it!!
All the best,
Kathy :)

Sweet Remembrance

What wonderful photos...
Sounds like you all had a wonderful time!
I have lots of those little pink dolls!
They were sold for girls like the green army men for boys!
They are called "100 Little Dolls" and you ordered them through the mail!
They cost $1.00 back then...


I gave you an award sweets :-) check out my blog. k? xo Britt

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Hi Jennifer!! You and your family are just as sweet as can beeeeeee! It was fun to share the photos and to see the little treasures that you found, too! LOVE the planter!!

Happy Nov. 1st!!


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