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September 25, 2007



Oh my gosh.. What a truly GORGEOUS home you have both in & out! I love it all...
~Mary~ :-}


Love the pink toaster. Wait, love it all but especially the pink toaster!!!


I enjoyed seeing more of your BEAUTIFUL home!


Wow! sooooo Gorgeous! I am still drooling! Thanks for letting us in1


OMGOSH!!! I am SWOONING...SWOONING I TELL YA!!! Jenn, your home is JUST gorgeous, you should be {and I'm sure you are} so proud of the lovely nest you have made for your family :)

Barbara @ Southern Lady's Vintage

Well, my goodness, this is a lonnnggggg way from a one roon apartment!!! Your home is just so pretty and welcoming!!!! No wonder you were featured twice in magazines!! I'm so glad I found you! Will be back so that I can read thru more of your beautiful blog!
Now...off to see the rest of the contributors to Karla's party!!


you have an amazing place!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for coming to the party, you are a wonderful addition and not too late at all!

Beth Leintz

You just have a picture perfect house- I love how you've used different styles and colors in different rooms but really stayed true to a vintage romantic home- I especially love that darling nursery, the sunny yellow corner of your kitchen and that romantic garden room with its European feel.
Thanks for sharing!


I just threw myself on the floor and had a tantrum over your amazing home.



Bliss! Take Care - Rachaelox

Natasha Burns

JENN!!!!!!!!! Your home is totally to die for, oh my gosh it is so beautiful and perfect!!!!!! Every single bit is divine!!!!

Cheryl Dack

OH I just LOVE every bit, Jenn! But you know that! I am laughing right now at someone's comment above that they "threw themselves on the floor and had a tantrum" over your house!!! lol :) I love it!!!!!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Jenn...I LOVE your home!!!! Oh my goodness!!! I am in love with that bedroom of yours!!! I also love love your living room and the lavender room is so pretty..they are all so pretty!! I love how you did different things in each room and they each have such special details. What a dream to live is such a gorgoeus home!! The history of your home is so wonderful.

xoxo Heather


when my house grows up, it wants to look just like this!! I love it all!!


Gorgeous....Can I move in????

She's Sew Pretty

Gorgeous! I love, love your bedroom...but, I also love your dining room and your kitchen and your garden room....oh my gosh!! Now I have to go sort through my Romantic Home magazines. Thank you so much for sharing and stopping by my humble little house!

Barbara Burkard




Lovely, absolutely lovely. What a wonderful hostess you have been. Thank you. I have to ask about your adorable wreath shown in the picture of your dinning room at Christmas. Did you make it? I want one!


Lovely, absolutely lovely. What a wonderful hostess you have been. Thank you. I have to ask about your adorable wreath shown in the picture of your dinning room at Christmas. Did you make it? I want one!

britt-sparkled vintage charm

You know I love your home Jenn! Truly STUNNING!!! Soooo fabulous!!! Gorgeous!!!


Every inch of your home is bursting with eye candy! My goodness. I'm speechless! Thanks for sharing your lovely home with us!

Flea Market Queen

Love your home...
I have gone back several times in case I missed anything! So, so beautiful...


This is my first visit to your blog. OMG!! Your home is GORGEOUS!! Your blog is gorgeous!! I've added you to my list.


Had a really great time visiting your home !!! It's wonderful !


Hi Sweet Jenn! Ok, I have to pick myself up off of the floor, AGAIN, after being treated to a virtual treat of your home. What can I say? It is a home that is incredible, stunning, tasteful, delicious, delectable, brilliant and oh-so incredibly perfect. Each and every room has it's own style, yet they all seem to flow so beautifully together. Can I just buy your house with everything in it? I would you know! What a treat...total eye candy is right. Love it. No wonder you have been featured in some of my favorite mags.

xo and pixie giggles,


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