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September 18, 2007



You did a fabulous job on that shadow box. It's amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Cheryl Dack

Oh I just love how this turned out, Miss Jenn!!! You did SUCH a wonderful job and I'm just sure Caroline and her Mama will ADORE it. Everything is just so over-the-top SWEET and so many incredible details! And THANK YOU for the lovely award, too....and I had such fun reading all the funny things about you I didn't know yet. :) So fun! Huggies to you, Sweets!!!!


First of all that shadow box is absolutely GORGEOUS! So pretty and so girly! I love it! I'm sure the more you show, the more requests you are going to get from everyone because I think we all want one! If you ever do slow down though and want to make my daughter Scarlet a custom one I'd be thrilled to order from you! Go see Scarlet on my blog (she'll be two soon) and maybe you will consider her for a future customized order! (http://kandeland.typepad.com)
Second, I love your answers to the questions! So fun to read! I just did a "favorites" one on mine. I have to admit I love talking about myself! And I love learning about others through quirky questions! So thanks for sharing and can't wait to meet you at SB!!
xo natalea


Hi Jenn!

WOW! Another amazingly sweet shadowbox! It is so creative, I *LOVE* every detail!


britt-sparkled vintage charm

oooh!! I adore the shadowbox!! as soon as I have a girl I am ordering one from you!! Love your answers! :-)It is so much fun to learn new things about people!!

Laura Bray

I have the same face washing thing! No matter how tired I am, I must wash my face.

Alison Gibbs

What a fantastic job you did on the shadow box. It is absolutely perfect for sweet little Caroline. The detail is sooo.. beautiful.


well, you've done it AGAIN! that shadowbox is absolutely delightful!!! the details are just amazing and wonderful! and WHAT is better than pink pom~pom fringe? hah! nothing!!! i am very intrigued by your list {i was bad and forgot i had been tagged by this, must do soon}: #1 i can't even imagine! #3 LOL!! #5 YES!! and #7 cantaluope is good :)

Alexia (Genteel Poverty)

I cannot believe how gorgeous and detailed that shadow box is! My favorite part is the lil bunny ballerina.


I was always amazed by dollhouses when I was little, but never had one:( I don't think my eyes or my brain could have even comprehended this shadowbox! I can only imagine the many, many hours of imaginative play to come. just wonderful!

Pinkie Denise

Oh my gosh. That shadow box is incredible!Absolutely beautiful, what a lucky little girl. The will be a true heirloom she will treasure forever. I love it all. I have to tell you. I thought I was the only one who felt that way about cantalope I can't stand the smell or taste either how funny!


oh, my goodness...you keep topping yourself! The shadow box is so adorable...I love the tea party with vintage hanky. Do you build the shadow boxes yourself?
This little girl is gonna love this forever. :)


That shadow box is so adorable! I love the way you put the baby's picture in it. The only thing more adorable is Caroline's bright eyed smile!
I like cantaloupe...but asparagus makes me gag, LOL!


Awwwww! Your shadow box is soooooo cute!!!!! Little Caroline will treasure it forever!!


That is the cutest, most exquisite shadow box EVER!! Such a fabulous, glorious piece!! And those babies, the cuteness is in overload!!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

Jenn, I am dying over here with all this gorgeousness!!!!!!!!

I love every single little detail about it...you can tell you took so much care for every little nook and cranny. I can't get over that little tablecloth set!! oh! The bunny and the ballerina dancer and the cute little dolly are just all sooooo sweet. These little creations of yours are just so fabulous!

Heather xoxo

Karin (creativechaos)

LOVE the shadow box.....What a beautiful piece of art for your friend! LOL about the new wave punk stage!! As a product of the 80's I cringe when I lookk back on my pictures!


This is a Darling Shadowbox, I love all miniatures and all the detail, beautiful work :)


Jenn and Jacqui

Hi Jenn! We are new to 'Blogland' and loving it! We have come across your Sweet blog through our friend Natasha! We adore your home, it is really beautiful. Your style is just what we love in our own home! Please feel free to come over and visit our blog anytime :) Warmest wishes, Jenn & Jacqui in Australia

karla nathan

What a wonderful project, that is so pretty!!!

Karen Young

Wow... Another beautiful shadow box. Your shadow boxes are spectacular eye candy and every time I look at them I find something new



My little one is three, she just want to have it!


Your shadowbox is just jaw-dropping beautiful!! Love it!!

Helle Greer

That shadow box is DIVINE!!! do you make the box from scratch? or do you buy the box itself somewhere?
You HAVE to show a picture from your Teenage years, would love to see that hair do, LOL

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Oh my -- how totally gorgeous! And so thoughtful!

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