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June 25, 2007


Kimla Cotropia

Oh Jenn...your blog is so precious already!! Such pink eye candy goodness! And Vivian is such a doll!! Congratulations to you both. I'll be checking in often.

Kris Hurst

Your art is the sweetest- You should start an etsy store -it links to your blog and only costs .20 cents to list an item in your shop! Will visit often-Kris

Linda Richter

Congratulations on your blog! I just set mine up a couple of weeks ago. Silver Bella is really effecting our lives, isn't it!!! (and Vivian is a doll)


Love your blog, I assume that is a picture of Vivian, she is beautiful!
Hope to meet you at Silver Bella!

karla nathan

Welcome to blogging! You will love all the great people out there.

What a pretty baby! And a pretty mommie too.

m i c h e l l e

Welcome to Blogland! :-) And for being so new, your blog already looks great! Hope your dream of a studio comes true soon!

Looking forward to meeting you at Silver Bella!



hello darling girl- and welcome to blog world... you little girls so jo.


Thank you sooo much ladies for your super sweet comments. Im excited to be a part of blogland!


Welcome to blogland! Your little girl is a beauty.

jenny holiday

Your blog looks as sweet as can be!! So excited to finally have you in the neighborhood!! :)

Vivian is an absolute doll!! So so sweet!!

Can't wait to meet you at Silver Bella!! It is going to be insane huh??? : )

xoxo Jenny


Welcome to blogland. It is a great place. Your site is so happy! What a beautiful baby... they sure change your life don't they??? Hope to meet you at Silverbella... it's going to be awesome!


Congrats on the blog! Thanks for linking to my blog! I've already got a link to yours on mine! :)


What a super sweet blog you have!! I just love it!
I also adore that little tutu fairy! Did you make her? Sweet!
~Cerri xoxo


Your daughter Vivian is so beautiful and congratulations-belated though it may be! I absolutely love the chenille pillows, can you tell me where I can find them? I've scoured the internet to no avail.

Dolly~From my CHERRY heart

WELCOME to blog will be addicted before you know it!

Congradulations on the new baby girl...she is precious!

I will be adding you to my favorites....

come by for a visit some time!
Hugz, Dolly~From my CHERRY heart


Hello Jenn : )
I found your blog off of etsy! Congratulations upon the arrival of your new joy, Vivian! What a "Sweetie Pie" ; )
I have a friend, who also has a blog and for some reason I thought of her when I started reading your blog. She is a newish Mom also. two handsome boys of ohhh I think her oldest may be 5 already?! But she is enjoying the blog world and has similiar /exacat color preferences as you! Her blog is found in my side bar of my blog ( for easy refernce for you.)
With Kindness,


Welcome, welcome! Can I have that baby? (Just a little joke there...) Come see me.

Cheryl Dack

I just read this entry...I totally know the "creating in the corner" phenomenon! And I am SEW looking forward to having "a place of my own." :) hugs to you in your little corner, Miss Jenn!


Love your new blog! Looking forward to meeting you at Silver Bella! :)

Kimberly Kwan

your blog and creations are beautiful!
can't wait to meet you in November!!

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