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hey love bug,
it all sounds so fabulous!!!
see ya soon doll

Please add me to the list as well ! I'm already in Georgia, so I'm ahead of the game !


Jenn please put Marilyn amd I on that list -can't find where to register-love the banner!! -Kris

YAY!!! Im excited Marilyn will be attending as well. Im going to announce the instructors and weekend of events this week. Registration will be in a appx 3 weeks. I will let ya know! ;) XO,Jenn

Hey Kris!
Registration is open! YIPPEEE!!!!!

Hi Nan!
Just wanted to let ya know registration is OPEN! YAY!!! :)) XO,Jenn

Wow this looks amazing and breathtaking!!
Oh if only..not sure if I can plan that far in advance :)

Hi Susan!
Just wanted to let ya know registration is OPEN! YAY!!! :) Xo,Jenn

Hi Robin!
Wanted to let ya know that registration is OPEN!!! YAY!!! :) Xo,Jenn

I am so excited to attend this event, I have always wanted to see Savannah. Can't wait, I will be there with bells on. Pink Hugs,Patty


Is there still room? I'd love to attend as well. Let me know..Sounds like so much fun!

Thank you sooo much for you interest in my event! I would LOVE for you to attend. Registration is OPEN, so please dont wait to late to sign up! I would hate for you to miss it. ;) Smiles, Jenn

Hi Cris!
Yes, there is still room! Come on and join us! :) Smiles,Jenn

I know I commented earlier but I didn;t see it and I want to make sure I am added to the list, I wouldn;t miss it for the world. I am so excited, I am going to go with Roxie, we are looking so forward to it.

Hey Jen-

We met at Kim's event a few weeks ago -- I was the gal in braids. My mom and I are super interested in attending your event. Are there still spaces available? I am thinking about treating her to the weekend! If there are spaces available, I won't be able to sign up until the first part of November. Drop me a line and let me know.

Love your blog!
Nicole (gibbysgirl)

What a fabulous event - I'd love to attend this. As a California gal, I've always wanted to see Savannah (and make art, too? What more could a gal ask for?!). Can't wait to sign up...
Sharon :-)

Oh my gosh sounds fun! I have always wanted to visit Savannah..the price is good too!

I am expecting some different idea from your side. You always represent some new thought in your post.

Your blog is very nice & informative. I always appreciate your work. Thanks to the sharing.I am so glad to hear that you are settling in and enjoying your new surroundings. I love Arizona!

is one schedule for 2011?

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