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looks like a beautiful place and sounds like alot of fun! Did you say when this will be Jenn?

This looks heavenly, Jenn! Please put my name on the list of Southern Belles attending your event!

Count me in as well... wouldn't miss it!

what a lovely banner and the event sounds fabulous!


Oh just kill me now!!!! This sounds fabulous Jenn!!! I am going to try to get things in order here so I can come! This sounds like a dream! Beautiful and I would love to be a southern belle!


Okay My Friend,

It looks like the party is on! It will be a tremendous success, I know.

Ciao bella,

I have rallied my sis and a friend so there are 3 of us northern belles ready to come pm down next April. Looking forward to it. Kass

You sneaky girl...this is the surprise you have been sitting on?! I cannot wait!!!!

oh my! where do I sign up?!Sounds like it will be a pretty event!

This looks wonderful, please put me on the lst. I have been wanting to visit Georgia for many years and this seems like the perfect opportunity.

Oh jenn, you know I will be there! I had such an amazing time last year, it is a must this time around! Can't wait to see you again, and hang with all these fabulous ladies!
xoxo, Tiffany

Hi Jenn! Such a great news for all of the creative ladies on earth:) What a fabulous and even a girl like me staying in asia from asia biting my nails wonder how nice if i am staying in US!!!! Can you feel how i felt?!?



Woo Hoo! No dance recital that weekend! I'm in. Off to bat my eyes at the hubby. tee-hee. :) hugs, Joanna

I had such a good time this year! Please count me in. Your banner is lovely and the plantation is gorgeous!
Kris :)

I am so there!
it is my b-day! I am actually freaking out....(breathe...breathe...)
now where did I put that hoop skirt....

Everything came together Beautifully Jenn!!
I know everyone will be looking forward to this, wish I could go!!
xo Tiff

Put me on your list, too, please...
My friend and I are looking for a way to celebrate her sixtieth birthday!


Please add my name to the list! I would love to be a Southern Belle with you!


Wonderful!!! I will add you name to the list! Im thrilled you want to attend! See ya in Sept!!! :) XOXO

Hi Jenn! I am definitely going to be there...count me IN! Also, I have 3, maybe 4, friends who say they want to join in the fun, too. When do we need to confirm, send money, etc.? And do we stay at the Ford Plantation? This sounds so fun - my friends and I have been wanting to visit Savannah for quite some time and do see that great city and be your guest, well, it's going to be something special! xo, Nan

Oh My Goodness! Where is my fan?
I want to be there!
I spent my birthday weekend in Savannah, 2 weeks ago. I do love Savannah.

HI Jenn... everything looks SO beautiful!! You already know I am COMING... and cannot wait!!! Your whole "theme" is so so sweet. Can't wait to see you again!


I'd love to attend this event Jenn! I would truly love to meet all the great artists and make many new friends in the art world. I have a secret passion for altered art, but it always gets pushed onto the back burner due to my main business of Candylights.
Also, I'd love to help sponsor this event if you could use more, please let me know.

Jenn, this sounds amazing...I don't know how many people you're taking, but I would love to be added to the list if there is still room.


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