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Oh this is going to be too much Fun!! I just can't wait to absorb every detail you have planned for us Jenn!!

Bug Huggs!

Cheryl F

YAY!! I am thrilled to pieces to be apart of this event!! I can wait!!! Thank you!!!

rachel perry

So excited to be attending! ~xoxo, rachel


Looks beautiful Jenn ~ and I know it will be wonderful!

Julie Marie

Oooh Jenn... how I wish I could attend... I love fairytales and happily~ever~after stories... what an enchanting time you all shall have... Biltmore looks just exquisite, I have always wanted to visit there... and your crafters are beautiful, with fun things to make... I love fairies of all kinds, and I can just hear their laughter amidst the field of Cosmos in the pictures... what a magical post!... xoxo Julie Marie


I know it will be beautiful. It is so fun to see the photos of my daughter in law Kirstie. Can't wait to see all the amazing photos from the event.

Fleur de Bee

I can't wait to go!! Sounds wonderful and dreamy! Love to you Jenn! xoxo Molly


Beautiful, a pleasure to read your blog.


I would love to attend but I cant find where to sign up. Or any more info about it. I love Faeries & would like some more info. Thanks

kelly lamb

Is there a waiting list in case anybody cancels?

Melanie Mercado

I sooo wish I could attend. As if the beautiful workshops weren't enough, your selection of tourist events is fantastic; icing on the cake!

Madai Rodgers

Ohhhhh MY GOODNESS... this is painfully beautiful Jenn!!! I know it will be BEYOND magical!! You must do this again next year, please, please, please!!! sighing~~~~~
wishing you moonbeams and magic on your storybook journey to fairyland ~* ~* ~*
xox Madai
~ few people have the mind for reality, as for me, I choose to live in a fairy tale ~

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