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July 12, 2009


Sheri and Sophee~a

Wowzer, I almost forgot...count me in and I will post in the morning.

It may not be super creative.....I am so last minute~LOL

Love your event and I really like the idea of eating ice cream out of vintage childrens planters...the bigger the better :)

Elizabeth Shea

Thanks for the lovely party! My dad would take us boating along with fried chicken, pimento cheese sandwiches and the big wooden ice cream maker. We would stop in the middle of the lake and eat lunch and then open the ice cream maker, taking off the big wet towel,ice and salt. We would scoop out the ice cream, that had been made with crushed peppermint candy sticks- wonderful!
Please come visit Carol and Elizabeth's ice cream party.


Jenn, you party was wonderful. I will be back throughout the day Monday to see all the other's ice cream posts. I had so much fun with this. Your blog is beautiful and so much fun.

Thanks for hosting this today.

trinity hanson

How wonderful and creative is your idea about the baby planters! I will be sure to remember that the next time i host a baby shower! thank you for your sweetness and your amazing ability to reach out to bloggers!

Heather ~ Pretty Petals

OH my gosh Jenn! Everything is SOOOO cute. Grant and Vivi look so so cute all ready to eat their super cool ice creams! and the little doggies... hahah. I love that!!

SUCH a sweet fun summertime party... thanks so much for hosting! My post is up!

xo heather


Oh dear! I had no idea it was National Ice Cream month! I suppose I should do my part and have an ice cream social tomorrow! lol Now to chose the ice cream flavors...


Hi Jenn
I am up and posting my social, count me in too at pinkfadedroses.blogspot.com! Now I was a grinning from ear to ear at the cutie pies!!! Grant and Vivi are so cute with their sundaes at their little table!! So adorable! Vivi's dress did not go unnoticed by me, I LOVED it! And the pups, too cute! My kitty also loves ice cream, the beggar girl! I was a little under the weather but had fun putting my post together and making a ice cream banner too! Thank you Ice Cream Hostess! This was fun! Grant and Vivi only needed a cherry on top to make them a teeny bit sweeter! Love ya, Lori


Your kids look so cute in those photos! Love all your ice cream things and the dogs
look like they are having a good time.

Count me in for the ice cream social (I am already set up on my blog and eating some ice cream now).

I also did an ice cream topper of my dog from your tutorial on cupcake toppers in the Sweet Six Online Art Seminar. Turned out great.

Thank you for hosting this fun event!

Fleur de Bee

I didn't plan to participate because I am out of town but I can look and visit everyone! How cute! I will share that I have done parties where I catered the event to have ice cream in several different objects as the dish. My favorite of course is teacups!! I also had a very interesting request for ice cream socials for a Halloween tea...I know...very strange! So I scooped out mini white pumpkins and served Pumpkin ice cream (so yummy) sprinkled with black bat sprinkles with purple round ones. Turned out to be so fun and very different. So there is my contribution to your fun party Jenn! Enjoy and thanks for the fun while on some down time on my trip!

xo Molly

Natasha Burns

Oh Jenn those precious cuties! I miss them!!! How they've GROWN!!
Love your Ice Cream Social post, it's so cute and sweet!
Thank you for hosting this party, and what a perfectly "Jenn" party it is. I've got my post up and running now, at http://natashaburns.blogspot.com/2009/07/ice-cream-social.html
Bye gorgeous xo

jessi nagy

Hey doll,
o my gosh,so fabulous!!!
the kids look adorable.
cute planters of course.
and eeeekkk, the puppies. how stinken cute!!! i love it.
so over the top fabulous. just what i would exspect from my fabulous sister! Great job!!! I have a wonderfull fond memory. sadly not many photos. i will tell ya some time. Have a sugary sweet day.


Carol R

I was having such a fun time at your party, and then scrolled down to the photo of Coco and Lulu Belle, and burst out laughing. So well behaved, so precious, so patient. Thanks for the party. The sweet vintage images are the best. Now, to run to more parties for more, more, MORE ice cream!! Yea!
P.S. You get 2 comments for the price of one from our blog.


I love your party, using the Baby Planters is such a fresh idea . The children and the dogs look so cute . Please include me in the party:http://daylily777-myenchantedhome.blogspot.com/ And thanks so much for hosting The ice Cream Social.8-)


Love how you & Vivi both have pigtails in the pictures! What a wonderful summer treat!


Hi Jenn,
Wow Wow Wow! Or should I say Bow Wow Wow...how cute are the dear little pups?? LOL! What a wonderful Ice Cream post! The children are having fun as are the sweet little pups and I love how you used the vintage nursery planter...what a wonderful idea! How did you get the pups to pose like that....I mean come on!!!! It's too dang cute! I adore your vintage graphics, they add that touch of whimsy for sure....:D

Thanks for hosting such a sweet Ice Cream Social....I can't wait to visit the other guests!! I'd better wear my tight jeans so I won't indulge in too many treats!

Deanna :D


so much fun!!! not the morning for me to be running late. I have a little guy too, very sweet pictures. I will be back,Heidi


I'm back... like a bad penny,I couldn't find away to "follow" your blog? sooo I put it in my side bar. Found you through Denna. I really have to get to work, my goodness is it late. Smiles, Heidi


Oh how sweet! I didn't have enough time to pull a post together but I'm loving visiting everyone. Love the kids and the puppies! Such fun and everyone looks quite happy.


Beautiful post!! Love your photos of your beautiful children, cute doggies, all the vintage children's illustrations, your ice cream party - all of it!!

You are really extremely creative! I meant to comment on your 'book' post but got sidetracked. Have you considered using photos ofyour children while they are still so cute and amenable to posing for a book? As a retired librarian, I just thought I'd mention that little children enjoy realistic picture books too. I could see a terrific book just from this post alone - combining the children, the doggies, the ice cream- maybe some ofthe vintage pix. How about this for a plot - the children have a party and invite the pups? Or vice-versa - a puppy ice cream party?! Of course, you want to do your own illustrations, but this could be a way to start. Think about it. I can just see a board book!

Jane - Jacksonville, FL


Hi Jenn,
This is so cute, I knew you would come up with the coolest way to serve the ice cream! I had originally signed up to participate and still will but it may be a few days now....my high school best friend's husband died on Friday at the age of 45 from a massive heart attack and I am preparing to travel to Charlotte, NC for the funeral. I am sorry to throw a kink in things but will post as soon as I return.


What a fabulous Ice Cream Social! Well needed cuteness on a Monday morning thanks for sharing...Grace

Tiffany ~ Shabby Scraps

ok, that was just WAY too much fun!! I love everything aobut your ice cream social! The kids and the "otherkids" both look like they really enjoyed themselves!!! love all your neat ideas for different ways to serve the sundaes!
xoxox, Tiffany


I am blown away! Can you adopt me? LOL! At least clear me a spot at the kiddie table! I LOVE your post Jenn! Thanks for hosting this totally fun event! You are truly the hostess with the mostess!

two crazy crafters

Your kids are So cute! And those fur baby pictures are adorable. The baby planters are a favorite of mine. I'm with Christine, can you adopt me?! I'm enjoying the ice cream socials. Great idea! Twyla


What super-cute ideas...planters for ice cream bowls...how clever is that? Your photos, as always, are charming and sweet, with a bit of adorable added!!! Great party!
michele :)

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