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July 11, 2008



In my next life I want to come back as one of your children! Such wonderful rooms. I always admire the glimpses you post of Vivi's room and Grants is equally darling.

Laura Bray

It's just breathtaking! Thanks for sharing. You really are an inspiration!

jessi nagy

That's my sissy!!
love everything,.


Pat Jones

Dear Jenn,
Please rush to my blog and see what you have been awarded. Also your VIVI'S ROOM is like walking through a fairy tale. Are you sure you don't write children's books as well as design and decorate everything so beautifully.
Love and hugs,

Sadie Lou

I love both rooms! My favorite thing in Viv's room are those stackable hat boxes on the dresser--did you make those? I love them so much!!
I want to make some for my daughter!
Great idea!
I love the hot air balloon in your son's room--that is a fabulous piece of art and it's functional!
The racing snail is darling!
Thanks so much for sharing these photos with us--you're so amazing!


Wowzers!! Sweet indeed.


Very whimsical! You have great taste :)


your children are very blessed to have such a creative and loving mother and such beautiful, whimsical bedrooms! I cant wait to see what you do with their rooms when they are teenagers!! (if were all still out here in blogland... thats a long way off!!)

Cheryl Dack

Oh so gorgeous! You KNOW I'm in love with Vivi's room. Every time I see a piccy I notice some other yummy detail!


gorgeous pics!! Viv and Grant have amazing rooms!! so fabulous!!1 xoxo Britt :-)


Such amazing rooms your children have!

Victoria xxx


Love your rooms! SO many beautiful details and special touches...so full of whimsy! The hot air balloon chandelier is a favorite!
Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful rooms!

kari & kijsa


Okay, I give up; Miss Viv's room wins!! I wish my granddaughter would have kids so we could decorate her room. Butttttt, my sweet chick, she recently called me to ask for some frou-froy-y things for her office at Microsoft!!!! I 'bout fell through the floor, sweet candy chic!! Oh be still my heart, there may be hope yet for her to become "shabby chic" like her Nana! ;-)
Smoochies for your babes,

Carrie West

Hello~ How darling!!!!
Will you adopt me?!?!?!?!

Enjoy your weekend!~


wow, her room is amazing. i can't believe such a small one is so blessed with prettiness like that! :)



Sooo glad you joined the party, I enjoyed getting a few new glimpses into those darling rooms! They are inspirational!


Wow, what gorgeous rooms!
I just love them- down to every little detail!
Thanks for the link- I joined the party and added a tour too! :)

Jenn and Jacqui

Miss Jenn, only one word...STUNNING!!! Love EVERY itty bitty detail, there is so much LOVE and your HEART in the your kiddies roooms!! LOVE everything!! Hugs!! Jenn and Jacqui xo

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Vivi and Grant are so very blessed to have a sweet and attentive mother who adds her sweet touches to their special rooms. I remember Grant's room in RH mag - love it then and love it now. Jennifer, you have such a keen way of pulling it allllll together. Great job and so precious!!


Alison Gibbs

Jenn what wonderful rooms your children have. they are so lucky


Hi Jenn, do you think Ms Vivi or her mom would let me share this room? hehehehe.. this room is totally awesome! for a lil girl like Vivi.. she is such a lucky girl!.. thank you for sharing your pretty room in here..have a super weekend!


Your children's rooms are the cutest I have ever seen. I wish you would come out and decorate Hannah's :)


Goodness, you need a career in decorating childrens rooms, they are just to die for!! Those are 2 lucky children!!
OH, I stopped in Savannah on my way to Florida and took your advice and went to Vintage General..(spent a little too much money), what a great store, lots of goodies for sure. And such a charming city to walk around for a few hours.

Angela Harris

Dream rooms! Of course they were featured in magazines! They are magical.

LiLi M.

I love love love both these rooms. As I understand there is already a queue of those who want to be adopted by you lol!! I'm off to see some other rooms...though maybe I have seen the best already!
Have a nice weekend!

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